Sound Installation [Project 10]

Elements of the unexpected


Elements of the unexpected - Art Dubai 2012.  Photo:Magdi Mostafa 

“Elements of the Unexpected” is a site-specific sound installation created for Art Dubai 2012. It consists of a cluster of large, industrial dough mixers that rumble and bellow as they mix date syrup (a sweet, sticky substance akin to black honey), their aural emissions amplified and projected through antenna-like standing microphones. This project was shaped by the geopolitical and economic specificities of the eminently modern city of Dubai; a seemingly ahistorical cityscape where I had the greatest difficulty discerning these invisibly persistent outmoded, discarded, or analogue technological forms. In the work, the intriguing sonic value of the traditional machines creates something like the sound of a churning, laboring economy. The date syrup, a representative commercial product of the region that reflects its economic and historical values, played an organic role in the work, generating a strong visual and olfactory presence throughout the space.





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