Sound Installation [Project1]

Sound Installation [Project1]  Salon of youth, Cairo palace of the arts, May 2002



This project was built using more than 150 hidden speakers to cover the Palace of Arts with 3 different levels of sound linked to 3 main players. Each player had a 15-minute soundtrack looped with a banning option in order for the sound to move between the speakers into the space of the palace in a dynamic way.

Soundtrack1 (1st.Player): utilized the main music system of the palace for broadcasting music and  instructions to visitors during shows. Speaker channels were embedded into the ceiling of the building.
Soundtrack2 (2nd. Player): covered the bottom part (ground & corners). Speakers were hidden amongst ordinary objects of the space, such as fire tube boxes, trees, stairs etc. All the elements were connected together to a multichannel DVD player complete with amplifier.
Soundtrack3 (3rd. Player): covered the glass ceiling part containing no built-in speakers (the high hall of the palace in addition to the ceiling curves). Small and sharp monotonic speakers (tweeters) allowed for high frequencies of sound.
During the show an obscure dialog took place between the ceiling and the ground via speaker groups. Parallel to this dialog the banning between the left and right channels produce an unusual dynamic created by many separated speakers in each channel, which is difficult to achieve in a large space. [WATCH VIDEO]


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