Sound Installation [Project2]

Installation [Project2] . “Form through Light”, (Palace of Arts), Cairo Opera House 2005.


This sound installation was made after two years of my first experience of sound installations. The concept of that exhibition was to make the entire space dark with the exception the artworks, emanating light. The space provided an excellent environment for this installation.The concept of working within the architecture of the space, and the relationship between sound and  emptiness was an interesting reference in this project.
The work has been located at the end of a secret tunnel housed within a deep blue glass dome. The many rooms contained within the metal structure of the dome was conducive for the superb woofers to produce a strong and deep sound with low frequencies. The thick glass and construction of the dome supported the dynamic wave of low frequencies, giving powerful vibrations gravitating towards the low density area. Subsequently, when visitors moved through the tunnel they felt the urge to stop and look upwards to watch blue light-cells within the dome, and to listen to an intense sound of low frequencies, vibrations that were felt more in their stomachs than in their ears.

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