Sound Installation [Project 7]

Sound Installation [Project 7]
An Open Space site-specific Sound Installation . Soundscape
Supported by HANGAR multimedia art center –  Barcelona



The core of the idea for this project was the inspiration of Can Ricart.
an industrial district that hosts many large factories, but defunct since thirty years ago, comprises an important part of the modern history of Barcelona.  With the exception of residential buildings and hotels for the affluent, the area is deserted.  However, tools and machines can still be found in some of the factories.
The installation was based on a mix between recordings of that time in history, live environmental sounds, and digitally processed sounds.  A special sound control kit with eight main-sound channels was used and fixed into the performance space.
Sound channels were implemented throughout the space, to enable the sound to move through the large dimension of the space, allowing for a dynamic dialog between the factories, deflation pipes, houses, trees, and grass via hidden speakers with different values.  
The artist controlled the sound groups during the performance according to the time of the day and also the location of the audience around the area, trying to create a space for imagination, restructuring of energy, and re-understanding of the space.






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